Sunday, December 12, 2010

about last night.......

Alrighty folks - I've been talking with a few of you, and after much delay (thanks to RM for fixing my internet!) here is the recap of last night's festivities!

First off, we had a great day at Disneyland.  Like, an oddly good family day.  Everyone got along, no drama.

Even on the way home PG and I had a real convo.

We get back, and PG starts talking to RM about..... um, produce.  Yes, they were talking about school.  RM feels passionate about produce.  PG takes a stand on produce because SF has opinions on produce.  (PG and SF are married).

So, these two fools are getting into an intense discussion about produce.  RM says, "Well, PG, do you even have the education or knowledge base to back up your stand on produce?"  RM said it passionately, but not yelling or "barking" or hostie-ly.  PG flips out and says, "What gives you the right to talk to me that way RM?" all crazy like.  PG gets up in RM's face and just keeps repeating that statement.  RM doesn't want the situation to escalate, so RM gets up and grabs RM's keys and says "I'm leaving."  PG suddenly takes the discussion to a very private and hurtful place, and blocks RM from leaving the house. 

Now, I was still in the back of the house where the original discussion took place, so all I can report is what I heard, what I was told, and what I believe based on what I know about RM and PG.

What I heard was..... RM: "get out of the way, I'm trying to walk out the door."
                                 PG: "No, you need to get out!"
                                 RM: "I'm trying to get out, you need to move out of my way."
                                 PG: "Then you need to find another way to leave!"
(mind you, my house has exactly ONE front door)
                                 RM: "PG, move out of my way."
                                 PG: "I'm going to have that unicycle taken away.  You just wait.  You're going to be cycling along the tightrope at the circus and the police are going to take away that unicycle you're riding around on."  (clearly, the unicycle metaphor is serving the same purpose as the produce...... people be nosy up in this hood).

so, RM gets out the door, and PG starts in on how RM physically assaulted PG.  Which I cannot imagine RM doing.... ever - especially to someone such as PG.

I'm walking down the hall at this point, and PG is on the phone, still threatening RM's unicycle.  I ask PG what possible purpose it's going to serve to try to take RM's unicycle, as it would really hurt other people - especially those who attend the circus.  PG says "I'm calling SF."  I ask why, because at this point SF is working in a galaxy far far away, and has NO way to get to PG for hours and hours.  Then PG threatens to call the cops because of RM's alleged (minor) assault.  Then PG goes back to complaining about the unicycle.

I go outside and call RM, who is not, by the way on the unicycle, but instead standing on the sidewalk 2 houses up.  RM and I go for a late night jaunt around the neighborhood, trying to figure out what the hell happened.  PG starts texting me sayng that RM needs to give up the unicycle, needs to go work for another circus far away, needs to be looking over RM's shoulder because SF could be there.  Crazy talk.  Then PG said that I was getting kicked off PG island, and that I wouldn't be seeing PG or the PGtribe any more.  I asked if this included the PG mascot, Iguanadon, but got no response.  Iguanadon is still around, so I guess that's my answer.

The PG tries to get LM up in the mix, stating the LM owns the circus and can fire anyone LM wants to.  I asked LM about it later, and LM said "Nope, I had nothing to do with it.  WS and I were having our own conversation and staying out of that mess."

RM and I came back like 30 - 45 minutes later, and the dead bolt was locked.  Because RM had grabbed the keys earlier, we just unlocked the door.  LM and WS were sitting in the kitchen, talking.  PG's car was in the driveway, but was no where to be seen. 

RM and I were watching TV a bit later when I hear the screen door close (PG doesn't know how to close doors lightly), and a couple minutes later we hear what is obviously a gunshot.  I feared for the unicycle, but not enough to go outside at that point!

So RM rode off on the unicycle this morning (no gunshot wounds, thank goodness) to go and practice his motely fool studies (his little fool on a stick is named Jones, and his pet monkey is named Jeff and wears his own motley garb).  LM and I were talking and I discover that because LM refused to take a side last night PG isn't speaking with LM either. 

I know PG has a lot going on, but PG is going to end up completely alone if PG can't get it together. 

Hopefully that either clears things up, or muddles them beyond comprehension.

Special thanks to Powerof2, MC and GMP for being the three who know it all and keep talking to me anyway!  A special decoder ring is on it's way to you now.  <3

For the rest of you, make up whatever names you'd like - it doesn't matter.

much love and peace to y'all

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  1. *sigh*

    The easiest way to get rid of drama is by letting go of it and not divulging it (even in a vague format!). :P

    Hope you ALL find some peace...xo